How can marketing catapult your company to the next level? CMO’s in SaaS

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In this episode of the Sales Development Podcast, host David Dulany interviews Udi Ledergor, fmr CMO of, about how marketing can help catapult a company to the next level. Udi shares his insights on how to build a recognizable brand, the importance of creating raving fans, and how to use data to make a difference.

Creating a Recognizable Brand

Udi explains that in order to create a recognizable brand, companies must be bold and distinctive. He shares the story of how Gong created their own unique logo, using a jaggedy Starburst shape, and bold colors like fuchsia pink and purple. Udi also emphasizes the importance of creating raving fans in every interaction with the company, from accounts payable to marketing events.

The Unintended Consequences of Internal Jokes

Udi shares a funny story about how an internal joke led to an unintended consequence. Gong created a fake LinkedIn profile for their mascot B the Bulldog, with the title of Chief Security Officer and Data Scientist. One of their enterprise customers noticed this and asked if Gong had a full-time security officer. Udi had to quickly change the profile to make Bruno only a Data Scientist in order for the customer to buy from them.

Horizontal Expansion

Udi is most excited about Gong’s horizontal expansion. They have expanded from conversation intelligence to revenue intelligence, deal inspection, forecasting, and their own version of sales engagement. Udi is looking forward to seeing the best sales teams in the world standardizing on Gong as their platform for their most valuable daily workflows.

Using Data to Make a Difference

Udi emphasizes the importance of using data to make a difference. He shares the story of a salesperson who was struggling and their Gong readout showed that they were talking 80% of the time on the call. Udi explains that this is a very easy thing to start to address and that all you have to do is start to look at the data and you can make a huge difference.


Udi Ledergor’s insights on how to build a recognizable brand, the importance of creating raving fans, and how to use data to make a difference are invaluable for any company looking to catapult its business to the next level.

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