Sales Development (SDR) Management - Virtual Training

Tenbound Sales Development Management Training has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of running a successful Sales Development program, with actionable insights participants can implement immediately post-training.

Utilizing The Tenbound Way™ Sales Development Training System, the training is aimed at anyone who wants to run a successful program (SDRs/Team Leads), or is currently running one (newer SDR Managers, CEOs or other Go-to-Market Executives).

Through a series of discussion points, activities and handouts, we will dive in the following aspects of setting up and running a Sales Development program.

Result: more calls, more meetings and more qualified opportunities for you team and an improved career trajectory for you. 

Join the elite Tenbound Alumni Group (invite-only) upon successfully completing the course.

Format: Delivered live by a Tenbound Certified Trainer over Zoom

Recommended: Follow up with weekly Coaching calls with Tenbound Certified Trainers. 

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