SDR Coaching

Sales Development
Rep (SDR/BDR) Coaching Program

Sales Development Managers tell us the most painful and time-consuming part of their job is doing live role plays / mock calls over the phone with their SDR/BDRs.

Especially for larger teams, where there is literally not enough time in the day to do it on a regular basis. The tough part? Live roll plays and mock calls are the best way to improve the performance of your Sales Development team.

Give it to Tenbound. Problem solved.

Our team of experts will spend live time each week with your SDR/BDRs on the phone doing live role play practice and mock calls over and over until your reps are fluent in objection handling, articulating your value proposition, and asking for the appointment.

The Tenbound Coaching program features:

  • Weekly practice of live roll plays and mock calls to ensure Reps can quickly articulate the value of your product quickly and handle objections on the phone
  • Customized program built specifically for your market and team – nothing generic
  • Accountability to ensure Reps are practicing their pitches regularly and improving

Potential topics:

  • Personas and pain points 
  • More effective messaging 
  • Objection handling 
  • Confirming appointments


  • Improved Sales Development and Phone skills
  • Greater confidence in making phone calls 
  • More effective conversations 
  • Achievement of quota

Program options:

Recommended: Four, 1-hour coaching sessions per manager, per month; 3 month program. 
Alternative: Two, 1-hour coaching sessions per manager, per month; 3 month program.