SD Manager Coacing

Sales Development
Manager Coaching Program

Running a high performance Sales Development program is a huge challenge. Top performers seek counsel from experienced Sales Development experts to guide them toward achieving their aggressive goals. Using the Tenbound Sales Development Management Operating System framework, our trusted experts meet with members regularly to help guide and support them along their journey to success.

The Tenbound Coaching program:

  • Weekly accountability meetings to brainstorm ideas, learn best practices, and discuss techniques other Sales Development programs are using successfully
  • Measuring progress against program goals and action plans and applying course corrections
  • Assistance turning ideas into measurable accountabilities  
  • Tracking accountabilities from the previous sessions

Potential topics:

  • Overall Sales Development program strategy and tactical best practices
  • Team performance management; running effective 1:1’s, team meetings, managing poor performance, and reporting to upper management
  • Working across departments to coordinate campaigns, including Field Marketing, Sales Leadership and others
  • Proactive team management driving to outcomes
  • Understanding how results tie-in to daily activity metrics


We expect the following outcomes from the coaching program:

  • Improved Sales Development management and leadership skills
  • Greater confidence in running the Sales Development program 
  • Achievement of ‘stretch’ goals, and improved business results
  • Better retention of employees through improved management

Program options:

Recommended: Four, 1-hour coaching sessions per manager, per month; 3 month program.
Alternative: Two, 1-hour coaching sessions per manager, per month; 3 month program