Tenbound Announces The Pipeline & Revenue Conference Series 2023

Tenbound Conferences 2023

Tenbound, your source for intelligence and insights to grow your Pipeline & Revenue, today announced their virtual Pipeline & Revenue Conference series scheduled for 2023.

The goal for these conferences is to empower all participants to take control of their ability to produce Go-to-Market Pipeline and Revenue success in 2023 and beyond. 

Attendees of each event gain the skills and assurance to reach and surpass their professional objectives through the expertise imparted by leading Sales, Marketing, and RevOps speakers.

Conference sponsors can partner with conference attendees, allowing them to gain visibility and engage with a select group of decision-makers and influencers who are assessing Sales Technology products and services.

Tenbound’s conferences will provide sponsors with virtual breakout rooms for the virtual events and a conference expo area that will enable sponsors the opportunity to interact with attendees in a collaborative and synergistic environment with qualified Go-to-Market professionals.

Tenbound’s 2023 Conference Calendar:

March 22nd, 2023 GTM Sales Dev Leadership – Strategic

Potential Sessions:
Overall Pipeline Leadership
Recruiting A-players
Team Tactical Management
DEI in Sales Development
Predictable Pipeline Strategies
Managing Remote Teams
Building Your Sales Development Playbook

June 21st, 2023  Sales Development SDR / Inside Sales AE –  Tactical 
(Leadership + SDR + RevOps)

Potential Sessions:
New Prospecting Channels
Cold Calling Skills
Video Prospecting
Personalization at Scale
Objection Handling
Staying Motivated
Resilience and Grit
How to Leverage Intent Data

September 20th, 2023  Cross-Functional Team Pipeline Production – Alignment  
(Leadership + Marketing + RevOps + SDR)

Potential Sessions:
Working Across Departments
Leading the Overall Revenue Team
RevOps Acceleration
Networking with Elite Leaders
Gaining a Seat at the Executive Table
Smashing Glass Ceilings

December 6th, 2023  Sales Tech Tool Stack RevOps –  Integration 

Potential Sessions:
Overall Tech Integration to support Sales Development
RevOps Strategies
Tech Stack Breakdowns 
Sales Tech Industry Forecast 
The State of the Sales Tech Industry
Best Sales Tech Tools 
User Stories 

For more information about the Tenbound conferences for attendees or for sponsorship, please visit https://tenbound.com/contact/

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